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Do you have visa assistance service

As local tour operator our services are starting from arrival till departure, for visa assistance you have to ask your local or nearest Hungarian Embassy.

We do not make invitations and we are not able to take the responsibility of your border crossing rights.

What does it mean DMC?

DMC means Destination Management Company. This is a local travel agency or tour operator company in charge of all incoming visitors to the destination, managing scheduled programs, arranging local reservations, booking hotels etc…

How can I reserve my flight to Hungary?

You can reserve your flight soon online from our website, until then you can reserve it online or at your local travel agency.

How is the weather in Hungary?

You can check in our footer or for more information check the website.

How can I plan my holiday to Hungary if I have special needs ?

If you have any ideas we help you to realize it, in this case please contact us and let’s make a brainstorming to find the best way to make your holiday.

What to do if I lose my passport, official documents?

First of all you have to know if it was lost or stolen It is better to contact us immediately to help you with the local police and embassies.
If it was stolen note that if there was someone next to you who saw how it happened ask him to stand next to you call 112 and ask for help. Say your name, the place where you are and what does it happened